Are People Overreacting to Myles Garrett Helmet Swing with Mason Rudolph?

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

The top story across the nation has been about Thursday’s Night Football game that featured the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers. With eight seconds left in the game, a brawl ensued between the two teams that involved Cleveland Browns player Myles Garrett taking off the helmet of Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and hitting him in the head with it.

Watching the replay and seeing it happen, there is no doubt that it was a bogus act by Myles Garrett. I think he should get fined and suspended. However, when you listen to the people on the talk shows and the reaction from people on the internet, you would think that Garrett just shot the president.

Some people, such as ESPN analyst and former NFL player Booger McFarland have suggested that Garrett should be charged with a crime. I personally think that there is an overreaction to the incident. Football is a violent sport and things happen all the time that could injure players for the rest of their lives. True, this was unprecedented, but not criminal and not far-fetched based on the nature of the game. What do you think? Are people overreacting to this incident?  

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