At an August hearing, Judge Jennifer Callaghan authorized handwriting experts to assess the documents’ validity. She also ordered Owens and Franklins’ four sons to begin mediation and — ideally — hammer out distribution of assets.

Kecalf Franklin, youngest son of Aretha Franklin, attends the probate hearing for his mother’s estate concerning a found written will at Oakland County courthouse in Pontiac, Mich. on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019.  (Photo: Kimberly P. Mitchell, Detroit Free Press)

The MGM-produced “Respect” began filming last fall and is scheduled for Oct. 18 release. As Kecalf Franklin acknowledged in his post, Hudson was handpicked for the lead role by the Queen of Soul.

“Everything else is being done against our wishes,” wrote Kecalf Franklin, who, at 49, is the youngest of the late star’s four sons.

“The Franklin family (does not) support the movie that is in production!” he wrote

But Bennett disputed the idea that Kecalf Franklin was a voice for all of Aretha Franklin’s heirs.

“He does not speak for the family,” the attorney said. “I know he doesn’t speak for his brother Ted White or his brother Clarence Franklin. The grandchildren have absolutely nothing to do with this. What he’s really doing is talking for himself.”

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