Court filings this summer from White and Clarence Franklin backed Owens in her role as the estate’s personal representative. 

Kecalf Franklin’s attorney, Charlene Glover Hogan, did not respond to a Free Press inquiry Tuesday.

At the August hearing — a contentious affair that revealed the family’s hardening battle lines — Bennett defended Owens’ work for the Queen of Soul’s estate, including a deal for a Ron Howard-produced “Genius”dramatized life story and the theatrical release of “Amazing Grace,” a gospel film that netted the estate $1.1 million.

“I don’t understand the purpose of trying to interfere with the estate earning money on the (MGM) biopic,” the attorney said Tuesday of Kecalf Franklin’s post. “How does it benefit anybody?”

Bennett said he was contacted by an MGM representative about the social media post and “they’re not happy about it.”

Regarding Kecalf Franklin’s complaint that he’s had no input on the film, Bennett said that “at no time, to my knowledge, have (the sons) asked to participate in or be in contact with” the movie’s screenwriters.

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