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kloak marshall

UK group Kloak n Marshall still Keeping Hip Hop

Hip Hop has grown to a worldwide phenomenal, the sound can be heard around the globe. However, despite influencing aspiring rap artists everywhere; we haven’t seen a rap superstar emerge from another country. Not necessarily trying to become superstars, UK duo Kloak n Marshall are trying to be recognized for good music … READ MORE











gc 2

Interview with Bronx Rapper GC

Bronx New York rapper, GC has dropped a couple joints over to The first one ‘God’z Chyld’ let us know what the GC stands for in his name. The second one “Don’t sleep on me” was a message to people trying to make it in the game. GC said the song was “an anthem for any upcoming artist or person who feels they don’t get the recognition they deserve.”… READ MORE










Shaka Luciano Interview

The son of African-American and Jamaican parents, Shaka was conceived in Panama during heavy bombing, born on an Oklahoma City army base the same day as his great-grandfather died, and survived a near-fatal train collision in Florida before discovering rap at age 12… READ MORE







am early interview copy

AM Early Morning Interview

Chicago West Side native AM Early Morning gave us a glimpse into his thinking when comes to creating his music. He also shared his desire to break stereotypes that exist in the Hip Hop community…READ MORE









ira pic

Ira Antelis Interview

 My name is Ira Antelis; I’m a music producer, composer in Chicago. Got a bunch of music ventures and Spike has been working a project that I been working on for about 8 months; and the project is called ‘Gone but not Duality.’ The reason it is called duality is because we tend to look at things in life in one way; and when we meet people we never really open our eyes to the possibilities of what else could exist.... READ MORE 







pooh mack

Kevin (Pooh) Mack Interview

The quiet and laid back demeanor of Kevin “Pooh” Mack kinds gives you the impression that he doesn’t go as hard as other rappers and producers. I mean rappers usually have self promotion type of character that makes you think they are the most gifted person in the world. …. Read More











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