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A Big Win for Obama–but Perilously High Stakes for 2nd Term

Tuesday was a big, big win for Barack Obama and the Democrats — four more years rewarded on the strength of the achievements of the first term….. Read More

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Grind Corner: Lady Nile

We            Highlight                     The                                  Street Our first Highlight goes to the self proclaimed “Chi-City Goddess of the Hip Hop street grind” Lady Nile. We caught up with Lady Nile on the streets of Chicago pushing her music; grinding as usual. She has smooth…

Magical Cure

Twenty years ago Earvin “Magic” Johnson announced that he had the HIV virus. Everyone I tell that to says it doesn’t seem that long. But it has been 20 years, and Magic is still here despite most people initial reaction that he would be a goner by now…… Read More

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Video Extra #1>>> Kanye West: “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

Kanye West: “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” Watch More Videos: Go to Video of the Day Tab or Subscribe to Black Truth News Youtube Page  

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Ahmadinejad Chastises ‘Uncivilized Zionists’ & Derides Capitalism in U.N General Assembly Address

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stood before the United Nations General Assembly this morning, where he called for a restructuring of the U.N. and greater fairness for all of humanity. Toward the end of his address, he said that “a great and historic mission can be accomplished” if the world comes together to solve the world’s problems, while earlier making favorable references to Occupy Wall Street and lambasting the “uncivilized Zionists.”…. Read More

Freedom Denied

On September 21st 2011, President Barack Obama stood before the United Nations General Assembly and gave a thirty- eight minute speech to the UN delegates. He stood firm and poised; and defined to the delegation what the purpose and mission of the United Nations were, “to unite our strength, to maintain international peace and security” he said. Obama also noted that this year’s annual gathering was different than previous years because “more nations are claiming their peace and security.”….. Read More

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Viewing Child Pornography Online not a Crime: New York Ruling

In a controversial decision that is already sparking debate around the country, the New York Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday that viewing child pornography onlineis not a crime….. Read More

New Golfing Prodigy

Jarrod Horton Staff Writer What were you doing when you were fourteen? How about win a National Golf tournament and earn the right to play on Professional Golf’s biggest stage.  14-year-old  Guan Tianlang won the Asia-Pacfic Amateur Championship in Thailand over…