Software Pioneer Mcafee says Framed for Murder in Belize Article Repint Computer security industry pioneer John McAfee says he has gone into hiding in Belize because he believes authorities there are trying to frame him for the murder of a neighbor, a crime he says he did not commit, according to Wired magazine. Belize police said Monday they

Former Lawyer for Eminem and 50 Cent Arrested for Weapons Stash

Arsenal included an AK-47, sawed-off shotgun, tactical vests and laser scope By Miriam Coleman Article Reprint A former lawyer for 50 Cent and Eminem was arrested last week on felony weapons charges, the Tarrytown Daily Voice reports. Police say they found a huge stash of firearms, including an AK-47, a

Mick Jagger Defends Comeback Show High Prices

By: Wenn Article Reprint Mick Jagger has defended the high ticket prices  fans have paid for the Rolling Stones‘ upcoming shows in New Jersey and  London. The band has faced criticism over the cost to see them live at one of the  four concerts, with some tickets selling online for