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Black Truth News was started on December 20, 2009. We are a Online Global Community Newspaper. Meaning we are trying to connect communities worldwide through the exchange of ideas, inspiration and information. Our Newspaper is Delivered Directly to your Email on the 20th OF EACH MONTH. Anyone can be a part of this community of Change and Innovation. You can submit information to the paper to be published, i.e: Articles, Poems, Jokes, Annoucements anything basically that you feel can help out the next person. Don't have anything to send? That's cool you can simply become a reader and spread the word to other people. Request a copy of BLACK TRUTH NEWS

New Hip Hop CD Provides Multiplication Times Table Tips that Helps Parents & Teachers Make Learning Math Fun

Children struggling in math can use new teaching strategies designed to provide an exciting and effective way to teach students multiplication facts. The ‘Learning with Lil’ D’ educational CD combines professionally produced hip-hop music and lyrics to appeal to seven to 12 year old children….. Read More

Married Pastor Arrested after Allegedly Passing HIV to Women in His Church

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis looks like any other healthy, happy, heterosexual pastor with good family values. He was once a preacher at the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta and a pillar of leadership in the community. Also, like a lot of men at the front of the church, the pastor had a thing for the ladies….. Read More

The Way I See It: What Happen to Truth?

What happened to the truth? When did we get so scared of the truth? It seems like everyday, every hour, we get more and more comfortable with the lies we are being told and sold every day. To make things worse, we have become more comfortable telling the lies ourselves. Our government, our elected leaders, pastors, priest, etc., lie to us every day and we readily accept it….. Read More

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