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Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: Donald Trump Put In Office By Jesus Not Man

By: Calvin Holloway

Staff Writer

As we vastly approach the end of time; Jesus is setting up all the rulers of kingdoms in place. That becomes apparent when you look at the United States Of America Presidential Office. The billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who is running things in the U.S, was put there by Jesus.   Continue reading

Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: “Black Man Down: Endangered Species”

I’m addressing a serious problem in the Black community; it’s Murder of our Brothers by another Brother.  

By: Calvin Holloway

Staff Writerblack crime 3

Today I have to speak on the killings of our black children in the streets of America. It seems like every day one of our brothers or sisters is being killed by someone. This has to stop for us to keep on living. Continue reading

Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: “Jesus Will Live On Earth; Not Heaven”


By: Calvin Holloway

Staff Writerdavids throne

I have heard the statement that everyone is trying to get to heaven. My question is why do you want to go there? For the only person I know that came from heaven; outside of Jesus, was Satan. He is still today trying to make his homecoming because he was kicked out by God.

Continue reading

Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: “Grace Does Not Exclude” Us From God’s Law

If we are in debited to keep God’s Law then grace will keep us on the dime when it comes to the Law.

By: Calvin Holloway

Staff WriterThe-Grace-of-God

Because if God’s Law wasn’t effective then it would be total chaos on earth; no one would be safe in no aspect. Laws are here to govern a people from corrupt acts. Man has laws in which if you break them there are consequences. So you can’t believe that God’s grace is an open door to sin; people misunderstand what grace is. Continue reading

Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: “Tattoos and Piercing’s”

1947627_609580339124982_1059422612_nBy: Calvin Holloway

Staff Writer

In today’s society we embark on the world of tattoos and piercings of the body. They say it’s a fashion statement. Some people have so much ink on their body; I don’t know whether to look at them or ask them for some scrap paper. I mean they are like a walking billboard I’d like to write something on them too. In ignorance I got a tattoo on my arm when I was maybe 12 years old. It was a dare from one of my boys. So we got the Indian ink, needle and thread to proceed with the task at hand. We rapped the needle with thread and dipped it in the ink. Then he poked my arm following the diagram that he drew on the arm. It was painful so we got drunk to relieve the pain. These were small tattoos which took maybe an hour on both arms. Today people have tattoos all over their body. When I got older I found out that Jesus was against tattoos. Continue reading

Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: America Has Lost Its Righteous Morals

America has sunken into the degradation of immoral practices.

By: Calvin Holloway

Staff Writerthenationthatforgetsgod

The home of the brave has become the home of all sinful nature. Our politicians, who make the laws, will not stand up for what is right .They pass laws of legislation that are impractical and cruelly insane. The people have fallen by the wayside and our government does not hear our voices anymore. Continue reading

Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: “Good Friday & Easter Are Pagan Holidays”

Easter And Good Friday the festivals of demons.                                                                       

By: Calvin Holloway

Staff Writerhow-long-was-jesus-christ-in-tomb.jpg.crop_display-1

Most of the stuff we are seeing in these days is a form of paganism. Easter origin comes from the goddess of the Anglo-Saxons named Eostre, (also Estara, Eastre, Ostara, it is spelled in various forms.)

Calvin’s Undisputed Truth >>> Worshipping the Dragon: “The Ignorance of Sunday Church”

Jesus went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day which is Saturday; yet millions of people get it wrong every Sunday

By: Calvin Holloway

Staff Writer65608_624496080934648_1548872303_n-1-1-1

“But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost. In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them” (Corinthians II 4:3-4)

Why do people show up for church on the wrong day? It is clear that the Sabbath day is from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. Continue reading