I am an author, poet, singer and now song writer. I couldn’t make that statement a few years ago. My journey didn’t go as I planned for God had other plans for me instead. When I was at my lowest, I found God – he was always there, I just didn’t know it. I started writing, expressing my love and gratitude for how God picked me up – motivated and guided me through this obstacle course of life. I’m simply a Bible Christian – non-denominational, unlabeled by society. I follow the Holy Bible as it is written, without man-made interpretation. As a parent, I struggled like many of you, to raise a child with morals, respect and compassion – hindered by peer pressure and temptations, so many distractions raising a child in this society. Keeping my focus on God kept me sane. In every moment of weakness, I turned to the Holy Bible. I found peace and comfort in the scriptures. I no longer felt alone – just me, my son and the Lord – now he’s in college, his journey has just begun. You are the sum of your life experiences; experiences that become your story. You’ll find your story in Y: God’s Grace and Y: Life With Jesus Christ which I wrote with the inspiration of God. Peace my brothers and sisters in Christ.