Beanie Siegel says he put “Philly on the Map”: Here are 5 Artists and Reasons Why Hip Hop Fans Should Disagree

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writerbeanie-tube

Before I start to say anything, I want to say that Beanie Siegel is a legend and one of the best rappers to ever come out of Philly. By no means is to discredit his contribution to that city and to the Hip Hop culture. I am a fan of his music, and still bump some of his music. “Feel it in the Air,” Guess who’s Back and “What we do is wrong;” just to name a few of his joints. I can see how he says if it wasn’t for him it wouldn’t be an opportunity for a person like Meek Mill. He was the first person who really popularized gangsta/street Hip Hop out of Philadelphia. I know about Schoolly D, but he was  before my time and with respect to his career, he wasn’t as popular as Beanie Siegel.

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