Small Forwards

Kawhi Leonard


Earlier this year, after the NBA Finals, I wrote an article called Kawhi Leonard has the juice. In the article, I summarized that whether you like it or not, Kahwi is the best player in the NBA. Basically I was borrowing the term from the Tupac and Omar Epps movie title and conceding he has the “juice.”

When I wrote that, I was calling Kawhi Leonard the best player because he came to a team and in one season took them to the Finals and won it. It was sort of me saying he is the best based on circumstance, not because of his resume, talent, and skill. Now this season, I’m calling him the best player because nobody can fuck with him, and he knows it.

Kahwi has a swagger about him that you can see when he is on the court. You need him to guard the best player; done. You need him to take over the fourth quarter; done. Whenever he feels like it, he shows the fans, his teammates and his opponents that he is the best player on both ends of the court. 

LeBron James


Last October I wrote an article stating I didn’t believe that LeBron James was still the best player in the NBA. Let me add on to that by saying excluding positions he might not be a top-five player in the NBA. I will still put him in my top five behind Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kahwi Leonard, Anthony Davis, and healthy Kevin Durant. But I will not argue if someone names that same list and inserts James Harden and excludes LeBron James

I know he is early candidate for the MVP trophy and his team currently has the best record in the NBA. What I’m looking at is his lack of dominance in crunch time situations and his inability to outperform other top players in head to head matchups. The sunny side of LeBron’s situation is that he has another top five player on his team. That coupled with he is still mentally a genius on the court he should be fine come playoff time.

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