Power Forwards

Giannis Antetokounmpo


Giannis “The Greek Freak” Antetokounmpo was exposed last year in the playoff by teams who packed the driving lanes and forced him to shoot jump shots. I think his inability to thrive in those situations had more to do with his lack of help than it did his jump shot. Out of all the top players in the NBA, the Greek Freak probably has the least amount of help. Kris Middleton is an all-star but he is no Russell Westbrook or Paul George. The fact that Giannis is able to do so much with so little speaks to his level of greatness.

Anthony Davis


I’m relying on Anthony Davis to prove me right. I predicted that this will be the season that he shows the world he is the best player in the NBA. The thing about AD is his health, he rarely plays all the games in the regular season and it seems he gets hurt at the wrong time of the season. If he stays healthy and is able to produce on a unparallel level, he will help the Lakers win a championship this season.

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