Joel Embiid


Joel Embiid is one of my favorite players in the NBA. He has a jumper, but he doesn’t mind going down on the blocks and punish his defender. The addition of Al Horford will help, but the loss of Jimmy Butler will set them back this season

Nikola Jokic


The second most difficult choice of this year’s list is choosing which player will be to put in my second center slot. If I was picking strictly off statistics; I might have to go with Andre Drummond. He is like a poor man’s Moses Malone on the court. Last season he averaged 17 points and 15 rebounds, this season he is averaging 17 and 17 respectively.

The other candidates are not lacking behind though. Clint Capela averaged 16 points and 12 rebounds last season and 14 and 14 this season. Both of those players had a chance, but they were catapulted by Rudy Gobert. Not only does he averages a double-double, but he is a better defender.

Karl Anthony Towns is the most skilled center in the league behind Joel Embiid, but he doesn’t elevate his team and he shoots too many jump shots. That’s why my choice is Nikola Jokic, also known as the “Joker”.

I watched him last season in the playoffs and he comes through when it matters. He is not a good defender, but he is the best passing center in the league. He averaged 20 points,  10 rebounds and 7 assists for a playoff team last season. That’s enough to put him in the top ten.

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