Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: Donald Trump Put In Office By Jesus Not Man

By: Calvin Holloway Staff Writer As we vastly approach the end of time; Jesus is setting up all the rulers of kingdoms in place. That becomes apparent when you look at the United States Of America Presidential Office. The billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who is running things in the U.S, Continue Reading

The World is Against Jesus and the Holy Bible

Where does God sit in worldly affairs?  By: Calvin Holloway Staff Writer He’s still God yet the culture we live in doesn’t follow his itinerary. They blatantly disregard Jesus plan and precepts. Our three-part Federal Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) dictate the laws and how we should live according to Continue Reading

Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: “Black Man Down: Endangered Species”

I’m addressing a serious problem in the Black community; it’s Murder of our Brothers by another Brother.   By: Calvin Holloway Staff Writer Today I have to speak on the killings of our black children in the streets of America. It seems like every day one of our brothers or sisters Continue Reading

Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: Slavery Instituted By God Not the White Man

By: Calvin Holloway and Jarrod Horton Staff Writers In today’s world, racism exists worldwide and slavery is still here. It is prevalent on every continent, nation, state and all cities. Everybody wants to blame the white man for this cruel act; but in reality slavery happened before the Black man Continue Reading