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Atlanta Producer/Artist Childish Major Shows Why His Dope Music is For Everybody

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

During the kick-off party for the One Music Fest in Atlanta, I heard some good music coming out the speakers. I walked to back and saw an artist rocking the crowd with some great energy and dope music. That artist was Childish Major. During his set he combined his own fresh energetic music, while blending in throwback music from groups like Outkast. The Atlanta artist is also an establish producer who has created beats for Rick Ross, Future and Wiz Khalifa.  I caught up with him after the show and asked him about his influences and his current album Woo$ah.

Black Truth News: I like the show, what can the people hear more of you at.

Childish Major: You can check me out everywhere, on all the platforms. I got a new project coming out call Duro Diamond, but I have a project out now called Woo$ah.

BTN: What I liked about your set is you paid homage to the people before you but it was also current. How important is that for you to keep the tradition of good music going?

CM: It’s everything, but it’s not really about paying homage. It’s about feeding off the crowd and involving everything that’s good into one. It’s just a vibe

BTN: When can we expect the new music?

CM: It’s coming soon and go check out that Woo$ah.

Georgia Singer Felixx is Making the Transition from Show ‘The Four’ Into The One

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

During the One Music Fest in Atlanta I got a chance to see singer do his thing on the stage. The Monroe Georgia native has been grindin for a minute, he appeared on Diddy’s talent show ‘The Four’ and has been doing shows in Atlanta. He stopped by after his performance to give us a shout out and show us some love. We didn’t get an extensive interview with him, but he said that he has new EP on the way and more performances. Check out the clip of him on stage below.

Music Review Of Warner Bros Songwriter Scotty Music Listening Session

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Last month Warner Brothers recording artist Scotty Music had a exclusive silent party listening session in order to preview some of his new music. The Joliet, Illinois native is a singer, songwriter, producer and rapper.  I was curious about the protocol, vibe and experience of going to a silent party. I been invited to a couple but never went to one before. My first encounter came with my attendance of Scotty Music silent party listening session in downtown Chicago. Although it was a listening session and not a party per se; I got the gist of how the silent things operate. I got my headphones and was impressed with what I was hearing. Continue reading

Whitelyfe and Mack 11 of White Nation Entertainment Describe Their Unique Sound

Hailing from Chicago’s West Side, White Nation Entertainment’s Whitelyfe and Mack 11 have plans to take their music grind to the next level. I caught up with them last month at the Legendary Art Gallery for the release of their latest mixtape ‘White Christmas.’ The pair not only talked about their new music but what attributes separate them from other new artists. Checkout the interview below.

By: Jarrod Horton

(L-R: Whytelife & Mack 11 of White Nation Entertainment)

Staff Writer

BTN: Explain to me the origin and movement behind White Nation

Whitelyfe: It started when I was a shorty, they used to call me white boy in my neighborhood. I was like the lightest nigga on the block. I just took the name and formed White Nation because it is a lot of us. Continue reading

Chicago Newest Female Artist Tauzha Has Her Own Lane

Recently I caught up with and up and coming Chicago artist Tauzha backstage at a concert in Indiana. She talked about her mixtape 5 rings and describes what makes her different as an artist carving her own niche. Check out her interview below.

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Tell us about the your recent project 5 Rings. Do you have any features on there?

Well the only feature I have on there is Lil Durk, who is featured on the single “Blew A Bag.” That’s the only celebrity featured on there.

Continue reading

Interview with Australia Rapper Ezra Allen

Melbourne, Australia rapper Ezra Allen dropped his single “Free”on a few months ago. We caught up with him to hear about his inspiration for the song.  He told us that the “song is about an unrequited love, it’s almost like an open letter to the recipient of my feelings and airing out a few unspoken things for myself and for her.” In addition to talking about his single, he also talked about his new project and being a White rapper in Hip Hop. Check out the interview below

By: James Dunn & Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Describe the typical Ezra Allen fan.

Lyrically driven people, be it through Muso’s, Slam poets or fellow Mc’s, I think I draw people who listen to what I say over how it is said (partially because I think my flow is a work in progress), I have a very supportive fan base and it feels great to be around them. Continue reading

Moneybagg Yo, G Herbo and Phor Concert Recap [Powerfest 7 Concert]

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

GARY IN. — Even though the doors open up at 7pm, it took a while for the Powerfest concert to start up in Gary Indiana. The event took place at the New Genesis Arena and from the start there was a little bit of confusion amongst the security, promoters and the customers who came to see the show. However when things settled down, it turned out to be a good showcase for the new and hot artists in the rap game. Continue reading