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The Impact of J Dilla

Examining the Late Producers influence on Music

By:Jarrod Horton
Staff Writer

In 1997 James Dewitt Yancey help produced the first single for Janet Jackson’s “Velvet Rope” Album, the title of the song was “Got till its Gone”. Here is Mr. Yancey explaining that experience: “Janet Jackson and how that whole thing worked out, it started with Q-Tip doing ‘Poetic Justice’ with her, how they met, they became cool friends. One day Tip called like he does for anybody else and asked me did I have anything for Janet. What happened is that Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and I collaborated on this track and made it happened but when the song came out, it had that it was produced by someone else.” Continue reading

OG Ron C Spitting Game

Exclusive interview with Houston DJ.

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writerog ron c

DJ OG Ron C is a Houston legend. He started to DJ in the north-side neighborhood of 5th ward Texas. He joined popular Houston radio station 97.9FM The Box in 1994, it is there he met Michael “5000” Watts and the two began to release mix tapes, the slowed down music was a complement to the sound started by DJ Screw (R.I.P) on the south-side of the city. In 1995, the two DJ’s, formed Swisha House records and in 1999 released ‘The Day Hell Broke Loose”, the record scanned over 100k and catapulted the careers of platinum artists Chamillionaire and Paul Wall. Continue reading