Producer STLNDRMS Makes Live Beats with Serato in Atlanta

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer When I walked up and heard Atlanta producer making a beat, I went over to the host and asked him “why does it sound so low? ” He responded by saying “that’s the way he likes it… he likes it grimy.” I started to look

How Siddiqu the Personal Trainer is Starting a Revolution through Exercising

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer Siddiqu the Personal Trainer is no stranger to his clients making a New Year’s Resolution to join his class and start working out. However, he states instead of making a resolution, you should make a revolution in your mind. “You don’t want to start off

Eric “ET” Thomas Talks about How he Built his Brand and How You Can Build Yours

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer Earlier this year, motivation speaker Eric “ET” Thomas was in Atlanta to talk about some of his experiences while building his brand. He also gave advice on how to establish and grow your personal brand. Watch the videos below

Hanging with Rhythm + Flow Contestant Londynn B

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer Recently I caught up with one of the contestants on Netflix’s show Rhythm +Flow. Londynn B caught the attention of the audience with her authenticity, She didn’t win the competition but she came up in third place. I didn’t interview her but she chopped it

Interview with Crime Mob: Legacy, Future, and Influence on New Wave of Rappers

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer Back in the early 2000s, you would have been hard-pressed not to go to a club and hear a song from Crime Mob. The group out of Atlanta was predecessors to the current wave to the music scene in their city.   Fifteen years later

Chicago Filmmaker Terrance Thompson talks about his Movie ‘Drive Slow’

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer I caught up with Independent Filmmaker Terrance Thompson after the Gentleman Jack National Film Competition in Chicago. Terrance’s short film Drive Slow was one of three finalists in the film competition and he took a minute to talk about it. Check out the interview and

Gentleman Jack Real to Reel National Film Competition Shows the Talent of Black Filmmakers in Chicago

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer Recently at the Park West in Chicago, the Gentleman Jack Real to Reel had its third annual Chicago during its national tour. The film competition gives an opportunity for independent Black filmmakers to showcase their work to a wider audience. This year the three films

Fabo On Why People Liking His Music is Not that Important

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer One thing I came to realize from being a part of the Hip Hop community, is that everything is not what it seems to be. Some of the rappers who spit gangsta, hardcore lyrics are not that gangster in real life. The rappers who you