Tony Abruscato Talks about his One-of-a-Kind Mobile Plant Truck in Chicago

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer Mobile businesses have become a staple in this country. Almost in any community, someone will put up on four wheels and sell you food, wash your car or groom your dog. Now in Illinois, you can add plants to the list of products and services

Before Quarantine: Little Vic Performing in Atlanta

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer Before the COVID_19 pandemic, life was normal. There were concerts, conferences, and people gathering together without a mask. Since the cancellation of those events, I decided to post some not so distance footage of things that were happening before quarantine. Here is underground rapper Little

Before Quarantine: Buddy Performing in Atlanta

BTN STAFF We are going into our archives and putting out some footage from the concerts and interviews we attended. This is West Coast artist Buddy performing in Atlanta last year. Watch More Videos: Go to Video Links Category or Subscribe to Black Truth News Youtube Page

BTN Interview: Just Blaze Talks about Working with JAY Z and Rick Ross

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer You would be hard-pressed to find a Hip Hop song that you like that wasn’t produced by Just Blaze. Over the last 20 years, he has produced songs for everybody from Beyonce to Eminem. Recently I got a chance to catch up with him after

Chicago McDonald’s Owner Talks Ownership through Hard Work and Giving Back to the Community

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer On this day at a local McDonald’s on Chicago’s West Side, you can see a tall dark man in a blue shirt, moving around hastily. He was in the midst of talking to a couple of the Mickey D’s workers, along with a woman who

How Siddiqu the Personal Trainer is Starting a Revolution through Exercising

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer Siddiqu the Personal Trainer is no stranger to his clients making a New Year’s Resolution to join his class and start working out. However, he states instead of making a resolution, you should make a revolution in your mind. “You don’t want to start off

Black Truth News Interview with Young Chop

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer Before the rise of Chief Keef, Chicago didn’t have a distinctive identity within the Hip Hop community. Yes, there were legendary veterans like Twista and Common who help put the city on the map. Yes, we had a superstar in Kanye West. However, it wasn’t

Eric “ET” Thomas Talks about How he Built his Brand and How You Can Build Yours

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer Earlier this year, motivation speaker Eric “ET” Thomas was in Atlanta to talk about some of his experiences while building his brand. He also gave advice on how to establish and grow your personal brand. Watch the videos below