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General Motors Says Decline in Sales is the Reason for Laying Off 1,500 Employees in Detroit Plant


Last week General Motors announced that it will be laying off almost 1,500 employees in its Detroit-Hamtramck plant. The company stated that the move was as a result of weak sales. To read more about this story click here.

Oakland County offers up Silverdome, Northland, the Palace to help Detroit’s Amazon bid

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Oakland County has offered up four of its most well-known yet currently empty properties to help Detroit — and the region — land Amazon’s second headquarters. Read More

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Video Extra >>> Nipsey Hussle Invest in Cryptocurrency

Nipsey Hussle Invest in Cryptocurrency

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Wal-Mart Wants You to Shop Online


Store giant Wal-Mart is increasing its presence online and wants to create a more easy experience for shoppers online.  The company has already increase its online sales by 40 percent over the last year and it expects to add 1,000 locations for shipping online grocery orders by its 2019 fiscal year. To read more about this story click here.

Adidas Brings the Fast Shoe Revolution One Step Closer

The company’s “Speedfactories” can cut the time from sketch to shelf by months.

By: Richard Weiss

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In a production hall as clean as a hospital, pea-size beads of white plastic pour into what looks like a minivan-size Adidas shoe box, complete with three white stripes down the side. That’s fitting, because in just a few seconds the machine heats and molds the stuff into soles of Adidas running shoes, with only one worker needed to wedge in pieces of plastic called stability bars. This is Adidas AG’s “Speedfactory,” where the shoemaker aims to prove it can profitably produce footwear in high-cost, developed economies. By next fall the facility, as large as half a soccer field, will employ about 160 people to make 1,500 pairs of shoes a day, or 500,000 annually. Read More

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Would you trust Seafood Coming from North Korea?


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With all the back and forth arguments coming from North Korea leader Kim Jung-Un and President Trump, would you trust anything coming from the country of North Korea? Especially if it is food being shipped over to America. According to USA Today, North Korean workers are employed in Chinese factories that send products to the United States. Those products include wood flooring, sewing garments and seafood. American companies aren’t allowed to import products made in North Korea. To read more about this story click here.


Starbucks Closes Online Store to Focus on In-Person Experience


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As customers increasingly shift their retail shopping toward e-commerce, Starbucks is bucking the trend: It shuttered its online store on Sunday. Read More

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Yahoo 2013 hack hit all 3 billion users, Verizon now says


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Verizon now says data from all Yahoo users was affected by a 2013 data hack.

The company announced Tuesday that its previous disclosure of an estimated one billion accounts hit by the theft was incorrect and that all three billion accounts were impacted.

The extent of the breach was discovered during the integration of the two firms, Verizon said, when it “obtained new intelligence.”

Email notifications requesting password changes are being sent to the additional user accounts. Verizon said passwords in clear text, payment card data and bank information was not among the information stolen.

Verizon purchased Yahoo in a $4.5 billion deal that closed in June. The deal is aimed at ushering in a new management team to attempt to wring more advertising revenue from one of the internet’s best-known brands.

The deal’s price was cut by $350 million after Yahoo’s initial revelations of the data breaches. The revised transaction terms called for Yahoo and Veriz on to share equally any future legal costs resulting from the data breaches. Yahoo would be solely responsible for liabilities stemming from shareholder lawsuits and any investigations by securities regulators.

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