Louisiana Passes Controversial Abortion Bill

BTN STAFF On Wednesday (05.29.19) Louisiana lawmakers passed a bill that contributes to the growing abortion debate that is brewing around the country. The Louisiana House voted 79-23 in favor of barring women from aborting their babies after the fetal heartbeat is detected. This means abortion will be prohibited as Continue Reading

World Health Organization Considers Addiction to Video Games are a Mental Disorder

BTN STAFF Can’t put down the video controller? Well, it turns out you might have a mental disorder. The World Health Organization has added video game addiction in the International Classification of Diseases. The ICD defines it in it’s catalog as a “a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior, Continue Reading

Cancer in what foods?

FCUK Cancer Bottom 4 By: Siddiqu The Personal Trainer Article Submission The World Cancer Research Fund estimates that about 20% of all cancers diagnosed in the US are related to body fatness, physical inactivity, excess alcohol consumption, and/or poor nutrition, and thus could also be prevented.  This means the number Continue Reading

The Truth of Nipsey Hussle, Falsehood of Dr. Sebi and Our Desire for a Black Messiah

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer The recent death of Hip Hop artist Nipsey Hussle was a severe blow to our community. Not only was Nipsey a talented emcee, but he was also an entrepreneur, husband, dad, and activist. Nipsey was shot six times in front of his Marathon clothing store Continue Reading

When you lose weight, where does it go? (Summer Body Tips)

By: Siddiqu The Personal Trainer Article Submission The most weight I’ve ever seen a client lose is about 200lbs.  When someone loses weight the question always arises, “So where does the actual weight go?”  We finally have an answer, the weight vanishes into thin air.  This isn’t a joke that Continue Reading

More Cardi-O  less Cardi-B

Best Cardio Exercises By: Siddiqu The Personal Trainer Article Submission If you keep trying to lose weight, but it keeps finding you, please read!  While dieting can help you lose weight, exercise can speed up the process to burn more fat and calories. There are many activities that can burn Continue Reading

Nearly half of US adults have heart or blood vessel disease

The medical milestone that’s mostly due to recent guidelines that expanded how many people have high blood pressure. By MARILYNN MARCHIONE Article Reprint A new report estimates that nearly half of all U.S. adults have some form of heart or blood vessel disease, a medical milestone that’s mostly due to recent Continue Reading