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What is wrong with Jay-Z hair in this picture?


When I saw the picture of Beyonce and Jay-Z standing hand in hand in all white for their concert in Wales; I said that is dope. Then when I looked more closely I noticed Jay-Z’s head. At first I thought it was a bandanna on his head, and then I thought it was a wig; but turns out it was his hair. Not sure what inspired the hair growth, but it is a little bit longer than what we are accustomed to seeing. Well we are guessing since Jay was in England he didn’t have access to his regular barber and he is deciding to wait it out.

They like a Quarter Pounder without cheese. So they’re suing McDonald’s for $5 million


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A McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, left, and Double Quarter Pound burger. Mike Stewart AP

Two South Florida McDonald’s customers think the fast-food giant is being awfully cheesy with how it charges customers for a signature item that has been on its menu since 1975. Continue reading

Watching the Trailer for Spike Lee’s New Film BlacKkKlansman Reminds Me of Dave Chappelle’s Black White Supremacist Skit

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer







Spike Lee and Jordan Peele have teamed up to release a new movie called BlacKkKlansman. The movie stars Denzel Washington’s son John David Washington and is based on the real life story of Ron Stallworth, who was the first Black person to join the Colorado Springs Police force in the early 70’s. Stallworth was also responsible for an undercover operation where he and his partner infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan and where able prevent some of their violent plans. The trailer of the film shows how the Stallworth character had to disguise himself over the phone to sound like he was a real White Supremacist. Watching the trailer for the film, I couldn’t helped but think of Dave Chappelle’s skit; where he plays a blind Black man who is a White Supremacist. Even though the movie is based on a true story, it seems to be surrounded in humor. That humor reminded me of the funny genius of Chappelle’s to come up with the character Clayton Bigsby. Watch the trailer for the movie and one of the classic scenes from the Chappelle show below.