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Michelle Obama Talks About Migos, SZA and Prince with Questlove


Michelle Obama appeared as a guest on Questlove’s Supreme Pandora Podcast. The former first lady talked about music and some famous artists. “We went back and forth trying to get Prince,because most of our personal parties revolved around birthdays — and Prince didn’t celebrate birthdays,” she said about getting Prince at the White House.

She also talked about knowing but not really knowing the new artists. “I just recently realized Migos wasn’t just one.” she said. Michelle also stated that one of her daughters is into music. “Sasha is my more musical child. She has her room set, candles lit, colored light bulbs, with certain sounds. It depends on what her mood is.She could be playing classical music — or jamming to SZA.” she said. To read more about this article click here.

Michelle Obama Over 3 Million Books Sold and Add More Tour Dates


In music business language, Michelle Obama has went triple platinum. The former first lady has sold over 3 million copies of her first memoir Becoming. In addition to selling more books than anyone this year, she will add more tour dates. 21 more tour events have been added for 2019, making it a grand total of 35 in total.The numbers of the book has made Becoming one of the best-selling books of all time. To read more about this story click here.

Supreme Court Rejects Environmental Challenge and Gives Green Light to Build Trump’s Border Wall


The U.S Supreme Court rejected the argument of a trio of conservation and environmental groups who said the federal government waiving environmental laws is unconstitutional. U.S District Judge Gonzalo Curiel disagreed an upheld the 1996 federal law that gave the government the power to waive environmental laws. The ruling will allow the Trump administration to build its prototype border walls along the U.S-Mexico border. To read more about this story click here.

As Migrants Arrive En Masse, Tijuana Mayor Declares ‘Humanitarian Crisis’


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Tijuana shelters for migrants are well over capacity. Photo: PEDRO PARDO/AFP/Getty Images

There is a “humanitarian crisis” taking place in Tijuana, the mayor of the Mexican border town declared on Thursday, as nearly 5,000 Central American migrants overwhelmed the city. Continue reading

Federal Judge Orders Trump to Restore CNN Reporter’s Press Pass


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(Photo by Al Drago – Pool/Getty Images)

A federal judge on Friday ruled that President Trump and the White House was wrong to snatch CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s hard pass after he touched an intern who tried to take his mic during a tense exchange between Trump and Acosta. Continue reading

Once Again Florida’s Voting Process Seems Flawed


Back in 2000, the state of Florida was the deciding factor in determining the presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. As a result of the controversial outcome, the card ballot system was wiped away. Despite the change in the process, there is still seems a problem with counting the votes. The state will have a recount in the votes for the U.S Senate race between Republican Governor Rick Scott and incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson. They are also reconsidering tallying up the votes in the governor race between U.S Rep Ron DeSantis and Democratic mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum.

In the U.S Senate race, Rick Scott had a 0.18% lead over Bill Nelson as of Friday. A recount of the votes must be done when the winning candidate has a margin of 0.5%. The recount must be done by hand if the margin is less than 0.25%. In Florida’s Governor race, it appeared that Ron DeSantis won the election with a victory margin of 0.39%. However, officials probably conduct a recount because the margin has narrowed since election night. President Trump spoke out against the system in Florida by calling it a fraud. “What’s going on in Florida is a disgrace,” Trump said. According to the telegraph, the votes will be recounted today  (Saturday 11.10.18)