Stacey Abrams Camp Says Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is trying “intimidation tactics” in Email Probe of her Campaign Records

BTN STAFF The Georgia Ethics Commission has requested to review thousands of emails and bank statements from Democrat Stacey Abrams gubernatorial campaign in 2018. Abrams has already turned over 3,600 pages of  financial records to state ethics officials. However she has refused to turn over 19 emails to the commission Continue Reading

Louisiana Passes Controversial Abortion Bill

BTN STAFF On Wednesday (05.29.19) Louisiana lawmakers passed a bill that contributes to the growing abortion debate that is brewing around the country. The Louisiana House voted 79-23 in favor of barring women from aborting their babies after the fetal heartbeat is detected. This means abortion will be prohibited as Continue Reading

Black Kid who Looks Like a Young Big Sean Takes Sasha Obama on Prom

BTN STAFF Want to feel old? Well, look no further than the pictures of Barack and Michelle Obama’s youngest daughter going on her prom. Sasha Obama went on prom last weekend and showed that she is growing up right before our eyes. The 18-year-old attended the event with Chris Milton, Continue Reading

President Trump and House Speaker Pelosi Need Their Own Reality Show

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer The mudslinging between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reached new heights. Following implications from Pelosi that Trump might be mentally unfit to serve as president, Trump fire back. In a blow below the belt, Trump released an edited video on Twitter Continue Reading