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Was Colin Kaepernick a Sellout for Accepting Buyout From NFL?

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Recently Colin Kaepernick made an agreement with the NFL to drop his collusion case against their league. He settled for an undisclosed amount of money and agreed to not speak publically about the case.  The details of the settlement have not been revealed,  but it seems like the agreement will bring closure between the owners and the former quarterback. Continue reading

New Music on BTN Soundcloud Player (02.18.19) >>> David May: “Black Box”


New Music on BTN Soundcloud player comes from Walnut California artist David May.  His new single “Black Box “ is produced by Lake Indigo and comes from the album The Lifestyle of Dream Chaser. To listen to the single go to our home page and locate the Soundcloud Player on the left side of the page. Mobile users go to the bottom of the page or click the artwork above.  

Why Do Black People Assume that all Mass Shootings are Committed by White People?

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

I noticed two alarming things that I did after hearing about the tragic shooting that occurred in Aurora Illinois last Friday. The first thing was how nonchalant my reaction was when I first heard the news. It’s like there is no more shock value when you hear that multiple people have been shot and killed. The second thing I noticed was that I automatically assumed that it was a White person that did the shooting. Continue reading