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Tutor Programs Lacking in School System

In 2006 former President George w. Bush signed an extension of the landmark education law called “No Child Left Behind”. One of the stipulations of the law was that consistently failing schools, that serve poor children, give those same students the option of a new school, or tutoring from private companies or other groups. This was going to get paid for with federal money; typically more than $1,800 per child in big cities. This would seem like a big deal in most instances except for the fact most parents and students were unaware of the programs……. Read More

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Artist Don’t Make Money From Record Deals

Who is the incredible bonehead who said rappers make mad loot? Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!! Because the fans expect their favorite artists to be crazy paid and livin’ large, this puts an incredible amount of pressure on the artists to appear wealthy.

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Ten Things to Do to Start a Community Garden

Spiraling food prices and concerns over where food comes from have consumers looking for alternatives to what’s in their supermarket produce bins. Community gardens help people band together to gain control of their own food.

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Spelling Bee Sets Austin abuzz

About 50 kids from eight schools competed in the second annual spelling bee taking place April 8-10. One winner who was definitely brightened up was Marteena Duckins, an 8-year-old, third-grader from Nash Elementary School who won a trophy and $100 savings bond

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Can You Prove What You Believe?

Most people smugly drift along through life holding ideas and beliefs that they have never proved! This may not be too dangerous when it involves opinions about sports teams, or about who was the world’s greatest politician, the most beautiful actress or things of that nature…..

Chicago Will Never Get the “Man”

This Article First Appeared in The Black Truth News Vol. 1 Issue 7 June 2010 Chicago sports teams relish the role as the number two city <         Jarrod Horton Staff Writer The impending free agency of…

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The Satya Interview: A Word with Dick Gregory

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Dick Gregory has been a humorist and social activist for over 30 years…..