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Video of Kareem Hunt Altercation with Woman May Have Killed His NFL Career

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

The Kansas City Chiefs cut their star running back Kareem Hunt after TMZ released a video of Hunt having an altercation with a woman. The incident took place in a Cleveland hotel this past February. The hotel video shows Hunt, 23, and the woman arguing and then Hunt shoving the woman. According to the New York Post the woman slapped Kareem Hunt and caused him to charge at her. The video shows people trying to restrain the football star but he knocked down a man who stood in his way. At the end of the video, Hunt could be seen kicking the woman.

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Boxer Deontay Wilder Checks Black Reporter Over Stupid Race Question


Boxer Deontay Wilder snapped out over a question that a Black reporter asked during an interview session at his pre fight press conference. The reporter who goes by the name Radio Rahim asked Wilder “You said that your people have been fighting for 400 years?” The question obviously made the champ upset because he screamed at the reporter. Watch the clip below.

Transgender Man Who Called Dwight Howard his Ex-Boyfriend Has Made False Claims Before.


A man named Masin Elije has been making headlines for outing NBA player Dwight Howard of being his ex-boyfriend. Masin who is gay said that his relationship came to an end when Howard cheated and found someone else. Beyond that, Masin has said that Howard sexually assaulted him and he feared for his life.

According to Bossip, Masin made similar claims against rapper Playboi Carti, but was allegedly discredited. Masin has a book out called Industry Hoe. To read more about this story click here

Kyrie Irving Apologizes For ‘F–K Thanksgiving’ Comment, Says He Spoke With ‘Frustration’ (Tweets)


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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

It has been a rough 2018 so far for the Boston Celtics, which were one of few teams that people chose as one of the best in the Eastern Conference to make it to the NBA Finals. Continue reading

Black female athletes: Things are better, but far from fair

Panel at Morgan State focuses on obstacles facing women in sports


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Professional softball player AJ Andrews participates in a panel discussion on black female athletes at Morgan State University on Nov. 13. Lawrence Jackson

For decades, black female athletes have faced criticism, inequality, lack of support and unrealistic societal expectations. Although there has been progress, it hasn’t been enough. Continue reading