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People are Flocking to Bird Box Movie and Breaks Netflix Viewing Record


Netflix new movie Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock has been a huge success. The thriller movie has shattered the record for most views in it’s opening week. Since it’s December 21st release, the movie has been viewed over 45 million times. Netflix went on Twitter and acknowledged the feat.

Family of Dr. Donald Shirley Says Green Book Movie is “100% Wrong

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Image result for pic of green book movieThe Green Book is a movie that shows the relationship between pianist Dr. Donald Shirley and his chauffeur  Tony “Lip” Vallelonga. The ,movie stars Marhershala Ali as Dr. Shirley and  Viggo Mortenson as Vallelonga. The film is supposedly based on the real life “friendship” between Dr. Shirley and Tony Vallelonga. It is true that Dr. Shirley was a genius pianist who hired Vallelonga to work for him during the 1960’s. However, the family of Dr. Shirley says everything else in the movie is “100% wrong” Continue reading