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Is Juneteenth A Reason to Celebrate… I Think Not

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

June 19th marks the celebration of Juneteenth, the official holiday for the emancipation of Black slaves in 1865. The District of Columbia and forty four states have recognized Juneteeenth as a state holiday. There also has been a push over the years to recognize the event as a national holiday. Continue reading

This Tool Reveals How Much You’ll Pay For Gas This Year Based On Your Car


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Unless you subscribe to the gospel of Elon Musk, and hope to dodge traffic via high-speed transportation tunnels deep in the ground, you’re going to be spending lots of money on gas. Anyone who’s spent time at the pump knows that gas prices are subjected to insane variables, but thanks to a new tool from Time, you can learn exactly how much you can expect to spend on gas this year based on the model of your car.  Continue reading

Meet Shanta And Shera, Identical Twin Sisters Who Are Both Alabama Judges! (Video)


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Meet Shanta Owens and Shera Grant, the first identical twin judges to serve together on the bench in Alabama. Shanta runs a drug court. Shera oversees civil matters. The two were only 5 when their father died, and their mother, a librarian, was a very strict but loving parent.

Watch the inspiring video below:

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Chano The Philanthropist: Chance The Rapper Set To Produce A Special Olympics Anniversary Concert

By: rebecah jacobs

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Chance The Rapper is continuing on with his constant philanthropic efforts by establishing a new partnership with the Special Olympics. The rapper and his brand new production company are set to produce a celebration concert honoring the organization’s 50th anniversary in his hometown of Chicago.

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The best head start in life for babies is parental interaction, not spurious educational tools or toys

Scientific American’s advice is simple: “If you must buy educational toy, find one that you want to play with, because the time a baby spends hearing you talk and watching you interact with the world is the best education the baby can get.”

By David Dodwell

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It is not just at Yale, in Singapore or in Hong Kong, that Tiger Mums reign, and fortunes are spent on often-spurious strategies to super-charge your baby towards Harvard or Oxford or Fudan. Continue reading