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Master P Says 13 Year Old Killed in Police Chase was his “Lil Soldier” and Pays For the Funeral


Family seeks answers as LMPD probes car chase after 13-year-old's deathLouisville teen Ki’Anthony Tyus, 13 was a passenger in a stolen SUV and got killed in a police chase on December 22nd. Back in 2015, Ki’Anthony was shot in the leg at a basketball game when he was nine years old. Ki’Anthony became the face of anti violence movement in Louisville called ‘Hood 2 Hood.’ The incident also formed a connection to Master P after P came and visit him when he was recovering from the gunshot wound. Continue reading

Armed Man Stopped By Police As He Was En Route To Commit Church Shooting

by Bill Galluccio

Article Reprint

National News - Armed Man Stopped By Police As He Was En Route To Commit Church ShootingA passerby who called police after he noticed a man with a handgun is being credited with stopping a potential church shooting in the suburbs of San Antonio, Texas. An off-duty officer responded to the call and found 33-year-old Tony Albert with a 9mm Smith and Wesson MP handgun. He also had extra ammunition and was wearing a face shield and tactical style clothing. Continue reading

Washington Joins Illinois and Three Other States in Banning Anyone Under 21 From Buying Assault Rifles


Washington joined the handful of states that will ban anyone under 21 from buying assault rifles.  The decision was made today (01.01.19) to increase the age limit on the purchase of assault rifles. The new Washington law will also include toughening background checks for people buying assault rifles, and requiring the safe storage of all guns.  The other states where the age limit is 21 for purchasing any weapon are Hawaii, Illinois, Vermont and New York.

More Money for Workers as Minimum Wage will be Raised in 20 States this Month


20 states across the U.S will be raising their minimum wage in 2019. The average federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. 29 states are already above that minimum, and some states such as New York, Massachusetts and California are almost double. The average increase in these states range between extra nickel to $1 an hour. The list of the states raising their minimum wages are CaliforniaDelaware, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and Rhode Island. The other states are ArizonaArkansas, Colorado, Maine, Missouri, Washington, New Jersey, Ohio, South Dakota, Vermont, Alaska, Florida, Minnesota and Montana 

New Year’s Resolution Makeover

By: Siddiqu The Personal Trainer

Article Submission

88% of people set exercise New Year’s resolutions and about 81% of them will not follow through with their goals.  Most won’t even last until February.  Well in light of this stat, I have taken it upon myself to insure everyone I know has the tools necessary to be part of that very small percentage who make their word bond.  With the 3 motivational tips I have laid out below, you will be sure to keep your exercise New Year’s resolutions and create a revolution in your health and fitness life. Continue reading

Capture of Undocumented Immigrant Accused of Killing Cop Might be the Narrative that Secures Funding for Trump’s Border Wall

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

PHOTO: Gustavo Perez Arriaga, , who is accused of gunning down a Northern California police officer was taken into custody Friday, Dec. 28, in Bakersfield, CA. following a massive manhunt, officials said.

Authorities captured suspected cop killer Gustavo Perez Arriaga last Friday in Bakersfield California. Arriaga has been accused of shooting Northern California police officer Cpl. Ronil Singh, 33. It has been reported that Arriaga is an undocumented immigrant who crossed into Arizona from Mexico a couple years ago. Authorities also stated that Gustavo was trying to go back to Mexico after the shooting.

The unfortunate incident might work in favor of President Trump and his desire to start construction on the border wall. Trump has partially shut down the government until he receives funding from Congress for the border wall. The shooting of a police officer by an undocumented immigrant who was trying to go back across the border might be the narrative that Trump needs to secure that funding.

In fact,  before Arriaga was captured, Trump had already used the narrative via Twitter.   “There is right now a full scale manhunt going on in California for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop,” he stated. “Time to get tough on Border Security. Build the Wall!”