Children of Incarcerated Parents Demand Action to Protect Our Parents Behind Bars


We demand implementation of a FREE MOBILE NOTIFICATION SYSTEM, supplemented by email and web announcements for those without smartphones, sent from all BOP, state prisons, local jails and detention centers across the United States to alert and inform children and families with incarcerated loved ones, about their COVID-19 pandemic response plan, prison lockdowns, visiting policies, and the healthcare services being provided to incarcerated people during this national crisis.

•  With visits halted for at least the next 30 days in the prison systems across the nation, the implementation of a FREE push mobile notification system would help to reduce the stress and strain for worrisome children about the well-being of their parents behind bars.

•  A FREE push mobile notification system would provide time-sensitive information directly to family members of the incarcerated, such as emergency alerts, real-time updates, prison closures, lock-downs and other time-critical information.

•  These FREE notifications would help keep families informed, up-to-date and alleviate unnecessary travel cost during these uncertain times that caregivers and families incur to ensure that our families remain connected.

•  We demand that immediate family members of incarcerated people with healthcare issues receive a FREE mobile individualized notification that can help keep their children, family and loved ones up-to-date with personalized critical information.

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