Children of Incarcerated Parents Demand Action to Protect Our Parents Behind Bars


We demand that aggressive safe and sanitary environmental protective measures be taken now by federal, state and local prison facilities across the nation to ensure the basic needs, healthcare and survival of the incarcerated population are immediately met.

•    We demand mandatory testing of all BOP, state prisons, local jails and detention centers staff, clergy, contractors, vendors, etc. With family visits cancelled, the prison facility staff pose the biggest threat to the vulnerable prison population.

•    Correctional facilities nationwide must consider immediate safe and sanitary environmental protective measures for the vulnerable population of incarcerated people we house in our jails, state prisons and federal correctional facilities.

•    We demand that BOP, state prisons, local jails and detention centers provide free of charge medical care, soap and comprehensive sanitation and cleaning of facilities and other safety measures as recommended by the CDC, including the exclusion from contraband of hand sanitizer for all those who remain incarcerated.

•    We demand the accountability of all federal, state and local prison facilities to ensure that they will provide our incarcerated parents with the basic human needs, including food, access to hygiene products, sanitary living conditions, and proper medical care for the entire duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.

WE GOT US NOW is, the first of its kind, a national nonprofit (501c3) organization built by, led by and about children with incarcerated parents. Led by Ebony Underwood, we function as a nonpartisan advocacy organization amplifying the issues children and young adults with incarcerated parents face due to mass incarceration. Our mission is simple, action + advocacy:

1)   ACTION: We Got Us Now works to engage, educate, elevate and empower the millions of marginalized, historically invisible population of children and young adults who have experienced a parent behind bars through our Actionist leadership program*;

 2)   ADVOCACY: We Got Us Now through the use of digital narratives, safe + inclusive spaces and advocacy led campaigns works to ensure our voices are at the forefront of strategic initiatives, practices and policies that will help to keep our families connected, create fair sentencing and end mass incarceration. 

*The first cohort of our 2020 We Got Us Now leadership program ACTIONIST are:

Alexandria Pech – AZ                                  Jamira Burley – PHI

Bree Anderson – NOLA                               TeAna Taylor – NY   

Tiffany Brown – DET                                    Shalei Heflin – TX     

Tony Lewis, Jr – DC                                     Paradyse Oakley – LA

Amani Garcia – NYC                                    Ashley Jackson – NC

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