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City investigating tragic death of 6-year-old Zymere Perkins; mother says she read Bible after boyfriend beat her son with broomstick

The infuriating and sickening details of little Zymere Perkins’ final moments emerged as city investigators launched a probe Wednesday into his death — trying to determine whether a series of past child-care failures sealed his tragic fate.

The Department of Investigation demanded the documents in five previous ACS probes of abuse involving Zymere’s mom after Mayor de Blasio admitted the system he had set out to reform had failed.

The child’s death Monday came two years after de Blasio vowed to reform the city’s Administration for Children’s Services and four months after a highly critical DOI assessment of the troubled agency.

“The bottom line is something needed to be done differently here,” the mayor said. “That’s just 100% obvious. We have to figure out what happened. We need to figure out if it was a specific missed opportunity or something systemic that we have to fix.”

As both public advocate and mayor, de Blasio has sharply criticized ACS — issuing his strongest statement after the 2014 beating death of 4-year-old Myls Dobson.


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