Colin Kaepernick Defends Jemele Hill After ESPN’s Rebuke For Calling Trump A ‘White Supremacist’

The Washington Post reported that although ESPN was displeased, the network decided not to suspend the popular host. That decision triggered backlash, in which conservatives see a double standard. Many of them noted that ESPN fired conservative commentator Curt Schilling for expressing on social media his disapproval of transgender rights.

Schilling, a former ace baseball pitcher who now works for Breitbart, added his voice to the conversation, saying that network executives “are fine w/liberal racism.”

anyone asking. She didn’t get fired ‘cauee disney and ESPN are fine w/liberal racism vs conservative logic. Only naysayers to that are liars

Hill is not out there by herself. NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who experienced backlash for his protest of police violence against people of color, tweeted that he stands with Hill.

Gabrielle Union and other also support Hill.

As an actor who plays a journalist who speaks the needed truth, I couldn’t be more proud of my friend @jemelehill is real

Trump literally said white supremacist terrorists who beat & killed ppl in Charlottesville were “fine people”. But Jemele Hill is condemned

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