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Cosby Show Actress Erika Alexander Says Bill Cosby Was Sometimes “Cruel” On The Show

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Erika Alexander who is best known for her roles as Pam from the Cosby Show and Maxine on the show Living Single had a revealing interview on the Breakfast Club recently. She talked about being poor growing up and the struggle of getting quality roles in Hollywood. She also spoke about her time as a cast member on the Cosby Show. “Bill Cosby was like the best version of what a Black dad could be. He would with you and actually say what was going through your mind.” she said. “Growing up, a lot of children didn’t get talked to, they didn’t get seen as individuals. He gave people autonomy, psychologically that was freeing for the Black community, to say there is a different way to relate to children. Yes, I saw that and very much influenced by it.”  she continued.

However when Charlamagne asked Erika about the sinister energy that fellow cast mate Lisa Bonet said she noticed from Cosby on the set, she responded by saying:  “Unfortunately, he wasn’t what we all thought he was and it was disappointing.” She added: “I think I saw things that I thought were cruel at the time, but I was also raised in a cruel world.” The actress said he did not try to harass or assault her but when asked to specify his cruelty, she said “you don’t expect him to be all goody goody, but you do expect him to have some decorum.” Watch the full interview below.

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