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DeMarcus Cousins Baby Mother Explains Why She Didn’t Let Their Son Attend His Wedding

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“I’m a ask you this one more time before I take it to another level,” he can be heard saying during the phone conversation, which West recorded. “Can I have my son here? Can I have my son here, please?”

“No, he’s not coming,” she responded, to which Cousins replied, “Say less. I’m a make sure I put a bullet through your f–kin’ head.”

Two days later, an arrest warrant was issued for Cousins for a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. Additionally, a protective order was given to Christy West that forbids Cousins to contact her. Following receiving criticism online about her actions, Christy decided to give her side of the story. Check it out below.

It’s hard to tell who is wrong or right in these types of situations because sometimes both parties are acting emotion and not logic. It seems to me, there might be pettiness from DeMarcus and Christy, but you never know if you don’t witness it firsthand. However, for the child’s sake, you hope they can work it out. What do you think? Was she being unfair not letting their son go to his wedding? Or based on her explanation do you think she was justified in her actions? Leave your comments below.

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