By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

NBA player Lou Williams is making headlines for his recent trip to Magic City strip club in Atlanta. The reigning sixth man of the year got an excused absence to leave the NBA bubble to attend his grandfather’s funeral. Apparently, after the funeral, he went to the strip club to get dinner.
He was seen in a photo on social media, which caught the attention of the NBA and everyone else. This didn’t sit well with the league, which are trying to run a tight ship in regards to players having limited contact with the outside world while it resumes playing in Orlando.

In his defense, Lou Williams has to eat and he has been on record saying that Magic City is his favorite restaurant in Atlanta.

However, it’s needless to say that there is a lot more to the scene besides chicken when you go to a strip club. Additionally, it has to be tough being confined to a place for three months and the only people you see on a consistent basis are your teammates. With that said, it is quite possible that Lou Williams went there to see get some wings. But on the other hand, he probably took some breasts, thighs, and legs home with him too.

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