Fab Mamas: Trina and Towanda Braxton Talk Family Values

If anyone follows Towanda on Twitter, you may know that she is in the process of starting her own academy called Secret Squirrels. Her goal is to train people to be high-level personal assistants. Once it became clear how indispensable her skill-set was to Toni during her tenure as Toni’s assistant, she saw an opening in the market to teach others how to operate at that level. We asked Towanda about the project and here’s what she had to say.

 The academy is finally starting to see some serious applicants who are interested in enrolling for the work and not just the chance to be around celebrities. I just want to thank everyone who encouraged and supported me to go out there and do this. I’ve put a lot a work into it and things are finally coming together.


While these ladies are getting down to business this season, if you’ve been keeping tabs, you also know that Trina and her husband Gabe are on the brink of divorce and Towanda and her husband Andre are threading the needle of Towanda being the primary breadwinner. The ladies had some interesting things to say about their marriages and the answers might surprise you.

 On Love and Those Unconventional Marriages: Trina on her situation with Gabe

 I know everybody has seen Gabe and I go through a lot of changes, and it is so easy for other people to judge and say, “Oh, I wouldn’t put up with that,” or “why doesn’t she just leave.” I just want to say, you don’t know what you’re willing to go through until you’re going through it. And, when you love someone, it’s very hard to know what that line should be. I am the first to say that I don’t know what to do. When you’re in it and you love the person, you just may not know what to do and that’s okay. We’re human and sometimes we don’t what to do and that’s okay.  – Trina

On if she stayed in her marriage for the kids

I want to clarify that one. Yes, wanting to keep our family together for my sons was a  factor in my decision to give things another try with Gabe, but let’s not get it twisted. I stayed with Gabe because I love him. It wasn’t just about the boys; it was about us, too.

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