Fabo On Why People Liking His Music is Not that Important

For those who may forgot, in the 2000’s D4L was at the forefront of the “snap music” movement. This is an era which some people may label the “ringtone” era. Their single “Laffy Taffy” was one of the most popular singles of the decade. It went to number one on the Billboard charts and sold over three million copies. Fabo was the energetic, dancing member who wore sunglasses and kept a smile on his face.

I saw him backstage in Atlanta during last year’s One Music Fest tribute to Atlanta’s Crunk Music era. He had on the customary Fabo white glasses on, but he wasn’t walking around smiling. Instead he was standing around quietly and enjoying the rest of the performers like everyone else. Towards the end of the day, I decided to go over and talk to him. I didn’t approach him for an interview; I just wanted to speak and acknowledge his presence. I introduced myself and told where I was from and what my profession was. Following some small talk, I did ask him some questions. Then I made a statement that sparked a great conversation, interview and learning experience.

I wrote the first few responses down because I didn’t have the camera on. Like I said, I wasn’t trying to interview him initially. However, the conversation got so good that I turn my camera on and the latter part of the conversation on film. Check it out below.

Black Truth News: How do you feel to about the celebration of Crunk Music?

Fabo: The celebration has been going on, people just now catching up to it. We been doing our thing from day one. Some folks are just late to the party

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