Fabo On Why People Liking His Music is Not that Important

BTN: I have to be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the whole Snap/Crunk movement back in the day. As time went on, I learned to appreciate what you guys were doing. How do you fell about critics of the music?

Fabo: Well the music wasn’t for you. We made the music to pay our rent and to get out of Bankhead. The last thing I was thinking about is what somebody else thought. Some people say they are not a fan of this and that; but they wasn’t on the corner with us. They wasn’t trying to feed their family and help their friends. When we were going to the club and we saw that somebody liked it. We wasn’t over here and over there with it. We were in one club and what came out of it is something we created. This so called sound that you speak of, is nothing more than niggas finding a way out. You think I’m going to care about what somebody writes down when I got rent over here. When we got niggas on the corner getting shot. When there are 15-20 niggas standing in the hallway trying to make a sale. I did it for real and most people just be pretending.

BTN: What are your thoughts on the new wave of Atlanta artists?

Fabo: It’s the same, niggas trying to find a way out. The difference is that some people think they come here and dictate what we do and how we do it. We don’t go over there and tell people what to do. Why do people think they can do it here? The bullshit is some people let it happen and some people won’t go for it. You have to decide what side you on and stand on your principles.We have no problem with the next man getting money. It becomes a problem when you trying to take food out of my family mouth.

BTN: What do you think could be done to bridge the gap between the new and old artists in Atlanta?

[Before Fabo answered the question; I turned on the camera and you can check the footage below.]

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