FBG Duck Murdered: Home is where the Hate Lives

FBG Duck Murdered: Home is where the Hate Lives

I’m not saying that was FBG Duck’s problem. However he already got shot before. Additionally his brother got killed in 2017. The signs were there for him to leave his environment.

In an interview with Vlad TV, he talked about why he was staying in Chicago.

Finally, there is also a sense obligation for a few of these rappers to give back their community. This was the case with Jay Master Jay and Nipsey Hussle. Both had businesses in their hood, and gave opportunities to their friends to make money. Ultimately they both were killed at their establishments.

Unfortunately, some people in your community do not reciprocate the love you give back to you. In fact, some of times, people are waiting on your downfall.

In another Vlad TV interview talked about how some people are “hypnotized by the hate”

Which brings me to the final conclusion that it is not safe at all for rappers to stay in their hometown. I can’t do anything but quote the title of Gill Scott Heron song: ” Home is where the Hatred is.”


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