First Day at One Music Fest in Atlanta was a Hot, Sticky, Frustrating and Great Learning Experience

 To be honest, I had that feeling about half of the performances on the first day of the fest. I was so hot and tired from standing that I missed quite a few of the acts on Saturday. For about a good hour I was trying to find refuge in a shade and place to sit without insects crawling on me.






Salvation came in the form of a Tito’s Vodka trailer that had couches and air conditioner in it. In on Earth if you ask me. I did catch some of the show. However, I had a low battery on my camera, so I wasn’t able to get a lot of footage. In addition to that, my phone had low storage space, so I wasn’t able to take pictures on there. On top of that, there was no reception on my phone so I wasn’t able to stream the concert live on social media.





Not to mention, more frustrating was that the security was acting funny about letting me get in the media section to take pictures. To say the least, it wasn’t starting off the right way. But then the sun went down and got a little cooler. Then, out of the blue, a staff member let get pass the gate and come back stage.

Big Sean hit the stage and Nas followed him. My boy temperature went down, I was able to take some picture with my remaining battery and the world didn’t seem like a bad place anymore.



Big Sean

Overall, it turned out to be great learning experience. I learned to be more patience and be more well prepared. I posted some of the footage below. Some of the videos are short and the audio on some isn’t right because the music was too loud. Don’t get upset though, I will have better footage and pictures for the second day.  


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