Mayweather isn’t facing an old, faded fighter. Alvarez, despite 43 pro fights, won’t turn 23 until July and is 13 years younger than Mayweather.

He won’t be fighting a guy moving up in weight, like he did when he bested Robert Guerrero on May 4. Alvarez is a natural super welterweight, and the two-pound concession worked into the contract won’t have much of an impact on the bout. Though the super welterweight limit is 154 pounds, the fighters agreed that the limit at the weigh-in will be 152. To his credit, Alvarez said the two pounds were no problem and readily agreed.

By taking on Alvarez, Mayweather isn’t facing a soft touch. Alvarez is 42-0-1 and, as he showed in an outstanding performance against Austin Trout on April 20, is not only one of the sport’s biggest draws, he’s one of its best fighters. He’s a top 20 pound-for-pound fighter, at worst, and some think he belongs near the bottom of the top 10.

Leonard Ellerbe, the chief executive officer of Mayweather Promotions and Mayweather’s biggest cheerleader, was a little over the top Wednesday when he said it is impossible for any active fighter to defeat Mayweather.

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