The only law enforcement officials charged with an attempt to manipulate, cover up or withhold pertinent information regarding the facts of the then 17-year-old’s death, and misconduct, are officers Thomas Gaffney, Joseph Walsh, David March, and the officer who pulled the trigger, Jason Van Dyke.

“The other officers lied, too, on their police reports,” activist Will Calloway told the news site. “That’s not justice for Laquan.” Reports state the officers who were on the scene made up recollections to stress the threat they were under while trying to apprehend McDonald. As the teen was walking away from the officers, Van Dyke proceeded to fire at him, hitting McDonald 16 times.

Per the Tribune, the officers alleged that McDonald threatened them by waving a knife and that he physically assaulted Van Dyke first. On dashcam footage, that proved to be false.

Van Dyke’s trial for first-degree murder is still forthcoming.

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