Wed. Feb 26th, 2020


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How China is Using Akon to Continue their Quest to Buy up Africa

During an interview with VladTv, comedian Godfrey whose parents are from Nigeria also talked about China’s influence in Africa.

There is a possibility that Akon will create, and maintain a fully functional city that is not dependent on the Chinese government or any outside help. The singer talked about his efforts are not charity work but for-profit endeavors to empower his people.  “It’s definitely not a charity,” Akon stated in a Forbes interview. “It is a for-profit company. The way I would categorize it, really, is just social entrepreneurship. We do our business in Africa that’s not [just] to help people, but empower them to make their money in the process.”

There were recognition and admiration for the late Nipsey Hussle for giving back to his community. The same and arguably much more celebratory praise should be given to Akon and his efforts. This is not to be dismissive of what he is doing, but to highlight the exploitation of outside forces that may hinder his efforts. With that said, I hope his vision comes to fruition and his people progress from it.

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