By: Jarrod Horton & James Dunn

Staff Writers

Bay Area California artist Alpha Leo has an unique element to his career that is probably different than every other artist in the Hip Hop community. In 2016, he legally changed his name to Hip Hop For President and well…he ran for president of the United States of America. Not too many people are probably aware of his efforts, but he officially put in his bid for a chance to be nominated for president. His single, Political Liars’ which was featured on, was the the theme song for his campaign. His policies included legalizing cannabis, reparations for African-Americans, legislation against police brutality, and college grants for high school students with at least a C average.We talked to Alpha Leo about his attempt to become president. We also talked to him about the influences surrounding his music and career. Check out the interview below.


Lots of your songs deal with Christian and religious ideals. Are you religious? Why do you think religion plays into your music so heavily?

I am not religious at all but I am a Black Hebrew Israelite, so I speak from the perspective of the Word of God. The Word is the most revolutionary transcript on earth because it comes from God. If you want to defeat your oppressor, there’s no greater general than God Himself. Religion,  specifically Christianity, likes to portray God as some type of humble, meek, and passive entity, but there’s a side to God you really don’t want to fuck with. God can get gangsta. Even Jesus beat up on  the Pharisees by whipping them out of the temple when he found out that they were turning it into a “den of thieves”.

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