Interview with Chicago Rapper Sciryl da Ghost

Earlier this year, Sciryl Da Ghost dropped his single “Stupid Rich” at Since then the Illinois rapper has been putting in work by dropping a new mixtape called High Risk High Reward 2. Along with the mixtape, he has a new video called “I kno.” He talked to BTN about the new music and how life is in Chicago. Check out the interview below.

BTN STAFFda-ghost

Black Truth News: You just released the new album. How do you feel about it? How do you feel it compares to your previous releases?

Scriyl Da Ghost: The new album is doing well. I’m getting a lot of good feedback from this project. I always think my latest work is my best work, but this project really is my best so far. I say that because I can play it from beginning to end without skipping through a song. I think that’s important because I’m a major music consumer myself so I try to create music that I want to listen to, and I did that with HRHRV2.

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