Interview with Producer Satele

When Columbus Ohio producer Satele put out his new EP Requested he wanted to blend the old with the new. “Giving the classic tracks a modern facelift would bring back that feeling of refreshment that classic Hip-Hop lovers could remember when listening to their first Hip-Hop song,” Satele says. The results produced a remake instrumental version of A Tribe Called Quest’s classic song “Bonita Applebum” with a song called “Sweet Soul.” “I aspire to inspire how those before me inspired me,” says Satele. He explained more about his production influences and how he plans to use that in his own music. Read his interview below.  




Black Truth News: How have you been adjusting musically and personally since the release of ReQuested? 

Satele: With reQUESTed released, I’ve realized that I definitely do not have to conform to anything: genre, techniques, or just overall sound. I’m just trying to let the sounds come naturally and whatever comes out, comes out. 

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