Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Art, Beats + Lyrics was a Great Social Gathering for Chicago

The Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Art, Beats + Lyrics took place in the southwest Chicago neighborhood of Pilsen last Friday (02.16.2020). The Art, Beats and Lyrics showcase started in Atlanta in 2004 as a showcase of art and music. Since then, the showcase has expanded to include other cities throughout the country.

This was my second year attending AB+L in Chicago and each year has been a good experience. This year it was bitter cold outside but it didn’t stop a large number of people from showing up.

Once inside, people were greeted with beautiful visuals of artwork from various artists. Some of the paintings were done by artists such as Dan Lish, Yung Yemi, Tim Okamura, and Ethan Paul.

Additionally, there were other activities to keep the crowd busy.

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