Jackson Estate calls La Toya Murder Accusation “Outrageous”

La Toya Jackson, Michael Jackson’s sister, insists her pop icon brother was murdered as part of “a conspiracy” and calls Dr. Conrad Murray “the fall guy.”

La Toya says her brother’s death was part of “a conspiracy” by a group of individuals, including a high-powered entertainment lawyer.

“Dr. Murray was the fall guy,” La Toya said.

She has her own theories on what motivated her brother’s death.

“Michael had fired John Branca. He didn’t want him around,” she said, adding that her brother then “hired a private investigator.”

“Then he found out John Branca had smuggled… $150-million off-shore of his money and he just started investigating,” she added.

“I’m not blatantly saying they killed him. This was a conspiracy to do this to him.”

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