Jah Orah & KD Assassin Interview w/ Blacktruth.net

I guess you can say it was meant to be when describing the partnership between Jah Orah and KD Assassin. Jah, a Los Angeles native traveled to St. Louis and by chance met up with KD Assassin. That meeting led to a studio session and was followed by their debut album. The two stopped by Blacktruth.net to talk about “Used to Be,” which is the name of the album and first video. Check out the interview below.


Recent studies show that popular music today is whiter than it has been in decades. Do you feel the effects of that as black artists?

 JAH: Doesn’t bother me too much . It’s always been that way if you take your research further. I am music. As long as the blueprint and standard of popular music is black, as long as what’s popular is “everything black people do”, it can get as white as it wants. Hopefully a overstanding can be reached somewhere in it all and the fighting can stop and the education can begin . Music is life and right now life is a reflection of the music, in my opinion. So in order for lives to change the music will have to change and when the music and artists that make it become unified , the music will have its harmony again and so will our lives. 

KD: You can say that but only by media standards and the agenda they are pushing. The underground original sound could never be duplicated.

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