Jemele Hill Speaks Her Mind and Give No Fu#k’s About it!

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Jemele Hill went ham on people again on Twitter. This time she spoke about Cowboys and Dolphins Owners Jerry Jones and Stephen Ross. The two owners said they will bench players who don’t stand for the National Anthem. In response Hill tweeted “If fans really are that upset about what JJ & Stephen Ross have done, don’t call the players sellouts, but you’re watching every Sunday.” Hill tweeted on her Twitter page. In light of her opinions her company ESPN suspended her for two weeks. The company released a statement saying  “In the aftermath, all employees were reminded of how individual tweets may reflect negatively on ESPN and that such actions would have consequences. Hence this decision.” Well it looks like Hill didn’t heed the warning and if she did didn’t really care. What happened to freedom of speech? Do you think ESPN was wrong for suspending her? Leave your comments below

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